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Stratford Track Facility Project

The Stratford Track Facility will become reality because of YOU!

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN A RUNNER, loved a runner, or experienced that rush of adrenaline at a close race? Stratford is "running" a unique race in its quest for its first ever Track and Field, and you can experience the victory of linking our past to the bright future of Stratford's next generation of running champions. YOU can be a part of the "trailblazers"-an exclusive group charged with making it happen. As you know, every amazing large dream will take many to make that dream a reality. THE PROJECT needs your PASSION and INVOLVEMENT.

Thank you for believing in the Stratford Track Athletes!

More information below:

Stratford Track has trained for over 35 years on the busy Stratford City paved roads.  The students often train at 5:30a.m. at dark on these paved roads.  Occasionally on Sunday, they take a 15 mile bus ride to a nearby town to practice on a real track.

In addition, adult obesity has increased 14% and diabetes has received a failing status for Garvin County. 

This track will provide a safe outdoor exercise facility for training.  Having a track will increase confidence and potentially increase chances of scholarships.  In addition, the track will be utilized for community outdoor exercise.  This will allow the community to be proactive against the serious health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease

In order to provide this much needed track facility, support from our friends and business community is vital.  Please help us provide a track facility for the school athletes and the entire community by contributing to the Stratford Track.