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Thanks for visiting my page! It is my great privilege to be teaching at Stratford for my third year!  I’m so blessed to be in a profession I love!  I did not start teaching right out of college, because I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted to do. However, after getting the opportunity to teach music at an arts academy for the Chickasaw Nation, I discovered it is what I am designed for.  After that summer, I began ardently searching for a teaching job in the area.  Luckily only one year later, I was hired to teach at Stratford.  I love this place and the people that I get to be around every day.  I’m so grateful for an amazing bunch of students from all levels at Stratford to make my first teaching job the best!  Apart from my family and my faith, there is no greater blessing than to work in a place that you love!  

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