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8th Grade Math Syllabus

Stratford MS

Mrs. Hinkle                                                                                     Planning Period if from 12:30 to 1:20 p.m.

Room #103

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Classroom Syllabus

8th Grade Math


Course Description:  This course is Pre-Algebra/Pre-Geometry based and gears the students for Algebra I and Geometry in the next couple of years. Topics covered include algebraic equations and inequalities, proportions, exponents, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and statistics.


Course Goals:   

  • To develop responsibility and personal advocacy
  • To develop problem-solving strategies
  • To develop abstract and pre-algebraic thinking
  • To use a variety of technology in expanding pre-algebra skills
  • To be prepared for Algebra I
  • To have fun and be successful!


Textbook: Glencoe Mathematics: course 3. Textbooks will be kept in the classroom unless the teacher says otherwise. This reason is because the textbooks are not used every day. However, each student is able to checkout a textbook whenever needed. Textbooks are to be kept in the condition received. If a book is lost or stolen, cost of replacement is $60.


Supply List:                 One subject notebook


Loose Leaf notebook paper

Pencils with erasers

All supplies are given to each student to start the school year with.


Grading Policy:          All assignments are given a total number of points possible. All problems must be attempted, work shown, on time, and in pencil.

Overall grades are based on points. Test will be worth 100 points.


Tests/Quizzes:            Tests will be given at the end of every objective. Students that receive a grade lower than a D on a test will be allowed to retake the test provided. It must be taken within a week of the original test and the new grade will average with the old grade (only if higher) Quizzes are given after each skill to make sure the students have mastered that skill. For the students that fail the quiz, they will have to attend some intervention/encore with the teacher until the skill is mastered.


Class work:                 All assignments must be completed and turned in the correct box, by the beginning of the class period the following day. Students are required to show all their work. Incomplete will have points detected. Extra credit work is available as needed. However, it must be approved by the teacher.


Notes/Warm ups:      Class notes are required and should be taken in the class journal. This journal will be turned in every nine weeks to be reviewed and given a grade for content and organization. Warm-ups are also required to be kept in the student’s math folder.


Late Work:                 All late work (without an excused absence) will only be worth half credit. (If the students choose to abuse this I will stop accepting any late work from that student.)


Absences:                   Students are expected to make up all work missed when absent. It is the student’s responsibility to check the absent bend for the specific day they were absent for their assignments. Students are given one extra day for every day missed. If a student is absent the day an assignment is due, they are expected to turn it in the day they return to school.


Other:                         We will start out the year with no ELECTRONICS; you will have a write up if you enter my classroom with these objects. Later in the year if the class as a whole has a good behavior the class may receive rewards on these rules.


Behavior Code:          1. Respect yourself, your teacher, and your classmates.

2. Come to class prepared. (journal and penci)        

3. Quietly remain in assigned seat unless given permission otherwise.

4. Listen while the teacher is speaking.

If a student chooses to disrespect the classroom guidelines, the following actions will be taken:

First time                       Verbal warning

Second time                  Teacher/Student conference

Third time                      Parent contact/detention

Fourth time                   Office referral


***Dependent on frequency and severity of the offense, the student may advance to any level or be sent directly to the office***

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