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Course Descriptions


Course Description:  Precalculus 

                                                               Precalculus is an advanced study of algebraic concepts such as solving and graphing of linear, polynomial, rational, radical, and logarithmic relations and functions.  Analytic geometry will include conic sections and parallel and perpendicular lines. Computation with complex numbers, binomial theorm, series and sequences, as well as permutations and probability will be explored.  Limits, derivatives, and integrals will be introduced if time allows.              

Note:  Precalculus is a weighted class.

Needed Materials:             Pencils, paper, and scientific calculator.


Course Description:   Geometry

                                                       Geometry will study properties of two and three dimensional figures.  Proper notation, defintions, postulates, and theorems will be applied with logical reasoning to write formal proofs of geometric properties.  Relationships of angles made by parallel lines, parts and types of triangles, congruent and similar polygons, indentifying quadrilaterals, and properties of circles will be emphasized.  Finding missing parts of right triangles usying Pythagorean Theorem, 45-45-90 and 30-60-90 relationships, and trigonometry will also be covered as well as finding perimeter, circumference, area, volume, and surface area of geometric figures.    


Needed Materials:             Pencils, paper, three-ring binder (2in), and scientific calculator.



Course Description:   Algebra II

                                              Algebra II will continue to build on the concepts of Algebra I, such as solving equations, slope and graphing, systems, and factoring.  Quadratics, complex numbers, functions and inverses, radicals, conic sections, solving higher order equations, and rational expressions will be studied.

Needed Materials:             Pencils, paper, and scientific calculator.


Course Descripton:          Algebra I

                                                   Algebra I will continue to build on the concepts of number sense, algebraic operations, and data analysis/statistics that were studied in Jr. High.  The major emphasis will be on solving and graphing linear equations, inequalities, and systems, as well as exponents and factoring.  Other topics of study include relations, functions, radicals, and quadratics.

Needed Materials:            Pencils, paper, and scientific calculator.