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About Leesa Lockard

Hi!  My name is Leesa Lockard.  I have worked at Stratford Public Schools since 2003.  I have been a third grade teacher, then the librarian, and now I am the Computer Lab instructor.  I hope to help bring technology into the lives of your children which will give them a great big boost into the new "technology" world that we live in.  We will be doing some AR and Moby Max (test prep program) and hopefully some keyboarding skills will be picked up along the way!  

I have been married to Ace for 6 years, and we have 3 wonderful sons, Nathan and Nicholas Xander and 2 awesome daughters, Taryn and Olivia  Together we make it work!  

I love reading and learning new things on the computer, so I am hoping that between my technology skills and your children's  technology skills we should be prepared for anything.


BUT REMEMBER....FLEXIBILITY is the key to a successful year!!! 

Leesa Lockard

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