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About Leesa Lockard

Hi!  My name is Leesa Lockard.  I have worked at Stratford Public Schools since 2003.  I have been a third grade teacher, then the librarian, and now I am the Computer Lab instructor.  I hope to help bring technology into the lives of your children which will give them a great big boost into the new "technology" world that we live in.  We will be doing some AR and Moby Max (test prep program) and hopefully a little bit of keyboarding skills will be picked up along the way!  

I have been married to Ace for 2years and I have  2 wonderful sons, Nathan and Nicholas and 3 amazing step children, Taryn, Olivia and Xander.  Together we make it work!  

I love reading and learning new things on the computer so I am hoping that between my technology skills and your children's  technology skills we should be prepared for anything.


BUT REMEMBER....FLEXIBILITY is the key to a successful year!!! 

Leesa Lockard

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