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About Us

President- Tammy Anderson

Secretary/Treasurer- Terri Wood

Members-  Tammy and Willy Anderson,  Christie Belcher, Andrea and Michael Blackburn, Tera and Shawn Bradstreet,  Jeff and Michel Cosby, Kim Cosby, Kala Davenport,  Dirk and Heidi Etheridge, Shelly and Allen Gaines,  Shatona and Jason Gallup,  Brittany Gould, Heather and Jimmy Gould,  Diane Hess, Scott and Robin Langley,  Angela and James Martin,  Greg and Michelle McGuffin, James and Kristi Miller, Kim Priest, Ronnie and Randi Qualls, Shawnda and Michaels Roberts,  Robert and Sherry Rodgers, James Smith,  Laticia and Scott Vacca, Shandy Ward.

To become a member contact Tammy Anderson at